SynchroFlex Belts


The SYNCHROFLEX® range of belts consist of two components:

  1. A wear resistant Contilan carcass
  2. A high grade endless steel wire tension members.

The excellent bond between the two results in a high flank load capacity, combined with low elastic elongation, making them unsurpassed for quality and accuracy.

The manufacturing process produces close tolerance timing belts, to ensure optimum mesh in all power ranges. SYNCHROFLEX® belts comply with DIN 7721 and have proved themselves in operation for more than 50 years.

SYNCHROFLEX® timing belts are manufactured in a mould in pre-defined lengths.

AT10 Timing Belt
SynchroFlex Timing Belt


Each generation is different. GEN III is better! The combination of high tensile steel cord tension members and wear resistant polyurethane forms the basis for dimensionally stable and extremely durable high performance timing belts.

GEN III further develops the power drives of the AT and ATP range CONTI® SYNCHROFLEX polyurethane timing belts. The new GEN III generation excels with a 25% increase in power transmission compared with the AT/ATP standard. In addition it delivers added value for money, with all CONTI® SYNCHROFLEX GEN III polyurethane timing belts supporting the use of standard AT/ATP pulleys. A bifilar tension member arrangement and a higher packing density enables this high-performance polyurethane belt to yield greatly improved benchmark results compared with the standard AT and ATP range. The increased strength allows line engineers to utilise a larger number of load-carrying teeth.